I went looking through old images from 2015 and I found my dog looking quite a bit younger. I forget how much less white hair she had back in the day.

Wet dog in a bathtub peaking over the edge and looking at the viewer

I’m so happy! My fish are doing well. I’m still just nursing plants in my 10 gallon tank, but the forty gallon tank is thriving. The guppies are breeding and not eating their young. I got a breeder box but the little guppies keep McGyvering their way out.

I find it hilarious that anyone thought TikTok was going to get banned in the US. But I am enjoying some of the alternatives

Why are there so many computer nerds using 📝

I love furry armadillos from the Paleozoic time period 🦴

armadillo with fur coming out from under its shell

Started a new top secret project 🤫

Guppies need broccoli

image of a fish tank with broccoli inside and guppies swimming around it


I went to a plant store today. I helped my boyfriend find some air plants for his collection. I had a really fantastic day.

Earth by Luke Jerram 🌍

image of a large suspended replica of the planet earth

aquarium fish tank in front of a metal art piece

Maybe it’s just naïveté but I really feel fully in love and happy with my relationship. There were several bumps recently, but holy cow they really meant it when they said communication is key.

Happy July 1st! We’re only three days away from America’s birthday 🎂

📺 Just watched Straight Up

Note to self, don’t take a bath. 💀

A skeleton holds a sign up that reads: Fear the familiar! Approximately three hundred forty people drown in a bath tub every year in the United States. That puts odds of death by tub at about one in ten thousand five hundred in a lifetime

40 Gallon! Lots of space for the little guppies to swim.

I like posting on here because it’s like I’m shouting into the void but also my shouts are being recorded on a tape that’s being thrown into the woods and every so often a hiker stumbles across the tape. 📝

My little succulent died :( but I’m hoping I’ll be able to revive it 🌱

I’m happy today ☀️


image of a dog from above

I just purchased a new book on salt water aquariums! So excited to finish it and start my own salt water tank

A few days ago I am sad to say my betta fish, The Red Devil, passed away.

I don’t really feel like sitting anywhere in public

10 gallon tank in all its glory 🐠 Inside I have a java fern on the right and on the left is a plant whose name escapes me 🌱

aquarium tank with two plants and a mossy log inside

I went kind of far out to pick up some RO water. I needed to lower the pH. I went inside of this aquarium place that specializes in lidless tanks and it made me feel inferior as an aquarium designer. My aquariums aren’t as fancy as those ones, but it does give me comfort to know those aquarium are trendy and won’t be seen as cool and sleek in the future.