Note to self, don’t take a bath. 💀

A skeleton holds a sign up that reads: Fear the familiar! Approximately three hundred forty people drown in a bath tub every year in the United States. That puts odds of death by tub at about one in ten thousand five hundred in a lifetime

40 Gallon! Lots of space for the little guppies to swim.

I like posting on here because it’s like I’m shouting into the void but also my shouts are being recorded on a tape that’s being thrown into the woods and every so often a hiker stumbles across the tape. 📝

My little succulent died :( but I’m hoping I’ll be able to revive it 🌱

I’m happy today ☀️


image of a dog from above

I just purchased a new book on salt water aquariums! So excited to finish it and start my own salt water tank

A few days ago I am sad to say my betta fish, The Red Devil, passed away.

I don’t really feel like sitting anywhere in public

10 gallon tank in all its glory 🐠 Inside I have a java fern on the right and on the left is a plant whose name escapes me 🌱

aquarium tank with two plants and a mossy log inside

I went kind of far out to pick up some RO water. I needed to lower the pH. I went inside of this aquarium place that specializes in lidless tanks and it made me feel inferior as an aquarium designer. My aquariums aren’t as fancy as those ones, but it does give me comfort to know those aquarium are trendy and won’t be seen as cool and sleek in the future.

I don’t feel anything, I’m just numb.

40 Gallon Tank with Guppies

Temperature: Unknown (room temp)
pH: 8.2
Ammonia: 1.0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 0
I thought my 10 gallon was bad, this is worse. My forty gallon is significantly larger and I don’t fuss over it nearly as much as I do my other one. Inside of this tank are about 15 guppies. They’re all very cute and have their own personalities. They do let me touch them and will try to eat anything dropped into the tank. To combat the issue I put in a lot of ammonia remover, water change fluid, and bacteria. I streamed all of this on twitch around the thirty minute mark.
Update on my 10 Gallon: My betta finally ate today. I fed him some flakes which I normally don’t do because it causes the ammonia to spike way up. He swam around for a bit so that puts hope in me. He’s still not out of the woods completely so I’ll be keeping a close eye on him. 🐟

10 Gallon Tank with a Male Veiltail

Temperature: 84° F
pH: 8.2
Ammonia: 0.25
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 0
This is bad. The ammonia is slowly killing my fish and I need to combat it. I am ammonia remover, which is not recommended generally, but will work in the short term. I am adding extra bacteria to the tank as usual and may need to remove the betta if the ammonia gets worse. I’ll be doing semi regular water changes. More updates to come. 🐟

Going to put aquarium salts in my 10 gallon tank this morning. My betta isn’t doing too well and I’m worried it’s ich. His water levels were fine last I checked.

Fish Jail AKA Quarantine! It’s not just us that are asked to social distance. Fish get sick too and sometimes they don’t outwardly show illness. Before introducing fish in a tank, keep them separate to prevent the spread of fish disease!

an empty fish tank with a small decoration inside

I love being a fish mom. It really makes me happy.

Thursday was a really good day 🌱

tiny succulent

I feel okay rambling on about nonsense here because at least here you have to specifically be looking for my nonsense

Finally took my test. Got a 64 :/ but that’s without studying so I take that as a win.

Still procrastinating!

I have all my finals today due at 11:59PM and I’m so nervous I’m going to not do well. I’m still going to try my best.