I got a new dog 🐶

Dog with a bully stick&10;

I saw the new Galapagos exhibit today. I love iguanas. 🦎


Goodbye to Toffee

I had my beloved dog since I was in sixth grade. My parents promised that I could finally get a dog if I placed during my karate competition. I won third place.

I didn’t know what I’d name her until I saw her face to face. She just looked so fuzzy and cute I had to have her. She was so skittish for the first few weeks. She wouldn’t go for walks on a leash so I just carried her in my arms until she felt comfortable being in the neighborhood.

I loved that dog so much. I already miss her more than I’ve ever missed anyone. Goodnight Toffee. I am glad you’re no longer suffering.

Dog in a blanket with a book posed next to her

I had a lovely time in Minneapolis 💛

I’ve been sick with covid for awhile. It’s funny because it’s a bit embarrassing still to admit. I know it’s not my fault, but it does make me feel like I’ve been marked unclean. Anyway, working from home is….different. Not my favorite, but it is convenient.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 📺 it scratches the itch that Bones used to

I got to watch the parade ⚾️

I helped my friend with a Halloween party. Pro tip: always plan your Halloween festivities for after October 31. Candy and decorations are always on sale in November.

Table set up with Halloween themed foods

I finished my 3D puzzle today 🧩

3D puzzle of a clownfish

My parents sent me flowers to my new office 🌸

Flowers in a vase with a congratulatory balloon

511 Thai Asian Eatery

Yesterday after a long and hot morning at the zoo I was craving something with some kick, so I dragged my friend Kelly with me to a Thai restaurant. I’ve never actually visited this particular restaurant before but I’m always ready to try something new.

I told Kelly all about my former brother’s-in-law family Thai restaurant I frequented as a kid. Before I swore off all non-fish meats I loved eating spicy chicken (that I always called chicken nuggets) but this would be the first time I was eating Thai as an adult.

The restaurant was well-reviewed online and I was delighted to see service was even better than I was expecting. I ordered the tofu pad thai on level three spicy. They weren’t kidding when they said it was hot. It was so deliciously spicy that I was taking bitefuls between coughs and dragon breaths.

I couldn’t finish it, not because it was too hot (but even if it was I’d never admit defeat) but I actually had a few delicious appetizers (Seaweed salads + hot days? Refreshing.) I took the leftovers home and a few hours later they were gone. 🍞

Image: plate of spicy tofu pad thai
The leftovers that are no more

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Here I am in the artificial caves of the Houston Zoo. I was quite the tourist and enjoyed looking at the bats. 🦇

Happy New Year! I hope this year is much better than last year.

Houston Botanical Gardens

Me in a blue dress sitting on a rock
I had a lovely day at the Houston Botanical Gardens. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the atmosphere was incredibly calming and beautiful. I can’t wait to go back again and be able to explore some parts of the gardens that I’ve missed during the last two visits.

Working in the library is always better than working from home

I wrote a brief explanation of my fears and experiences with maskless people on Medium. 📝

I’ve been watching Broadchurch and it’s so good. Chris Chibnall is a fantastic writer and Jodie is, as always, a wonderful actor. 📺

I’ve been dipping my toes into SSB. I’m not extremely well versed in technology based things, but I’m starting to get the hang of (some) things. 🖥

Visited the zoo recently and had a wonderful time ☀️

Skate Rink

Enjoyed an evening to ourselves at the roller rink 🛼

A blurry image of a man roller skating

Post Soccer Fireworks 💥 ⚽️

me standing in front of fireworks outside of bbva stadium

Had to draw a neuron for class

Neuron image

Rode the metro rail 🚆

me pointing to a stop that says Melbourne

The library I volunteer at is doing a summer reading competition. At first I was just filling it out because I felt bad that there wasn’t a ton of interest but then I got really into it and now I just want to be done with my ten books to get a prize.

Higher Ground: Twilight Charity Magazine

Please donate to the Move to Higher Ground Project. Author Stephenie Meyer used elements of the real Quileute legends and traditions while creating the Twilight Saga and has not publicly donated to their cause. Right now, the entire community is in an unsafe area prone to flooding and natural disasters. They are currently trying to raise money to move to a safer area and their first priority is moving their school. Without the school, many of their traditions would be lost since it is the only school in the world teaching the Quileute language. Click here to donate.

To encourage donating, myself and my co-runners created a fanzine (fan-magazine). After waiting three months, we decided to make the zine free and to encourage others to donate on their own. To access to zine, you can download the PDF from Feel free to share the link to the zine and to spread the Move to Higher Ground cause to others.